Residential Family Centre

Our residential family centre accommodates a maximum of four families and is situated in London City. Our fundamental principles revolve around creating a non-judgmental space where parents can safely and adequately exhibit their parenting capabilities as mandated by the court or local authorities.

Our facility serves as a secure haven for children during the 12-week assessment period, enabling them to flourish, establish emotional bonds, and create lasting memories with their parents.

What We Do

London City Care and Support Services offer a stress-free and non-prejudicial environment for families to showcase their parenting capabilities during a 12-week assessment period. Our assessments are grounded in evidence and result in recommendations that prioritise child safety, helping determine the parent’s ability to provide safe care within the community. We create a secure space where children can engage with their parents while addressing safety concerns related to their unique situations. We actively support parents in building confidence, refining parenting skills, and demonstrating their capacity to meet their children’s needs while addressing their individual challenges.

Our residential family assessment centre conducts thorough, equitable, and evidence-based assessments of parenting skills and capacities that take into account the unique needs of each family. We furnish a comprehensive final assessment report directly aligned with court instructions and local authority mandates, all within the stipulated timeframes.


  • Each parent entering our centre will undergo a comprehensive assessment that evaluates their parenting knowledge, understanding, skills, motivation, and capacity to change. These assessments are conducted in accordance with the identified areas outlined in the Letter of Instruction.
  • The evaluation of knowledge and understanding is facilitated through the use of PAMS, including the ‘Parent Booklet’ and ‘Knowledge Cards.’ Additionally, group activities and various assessment methods and tools are employed to gauge these aspects.
  • The assessment of skills, motivation, and the potential for change is primarily observed by our staff. These observations can take on a formal structure, such as when conducting assessments during activities like bathing, or they may be more informal when staff interact with families in communal areas. When addressing specific risk-related concerns, a qualified social worker is assigned to carry out focused work.
  • These assessments maintain a distinct focus and align with the Letter of Instruction provided during the referral process by the referring agency. They also consider any issues highlighted by the PAMS assessment tool and those that may emerge throughout the assessment period.
  • Families will have regular opportunities to engage in discussions regarding their progress and areas for development, facilitated by their designated key workers from week two onward.
  • Formal evaluation and planning sessions involving both families and professionals will be conducted at specific intervals during the assessment period, typically at weeks 2, 6, and 10.
  • Every family’s assessment will maintain a high standard of fairness, robustness, and evidence-based practices.
  • Following each assessment, a comprehensive report will be submitted to the placing authority. This report will be founded on credible evidence and presented in a clear and non-stigmatising manner.
  • The report will distinctly separate opinions from third-party information, with a strong focus on the child’s well-being. It will also delineate the parents’ strengths, weaknesses, and any ongoing risk or safeguarding concerns.
  • Clear recommendations for follow-up care will be included in the report to ensure a smooth and well-supported transition back to the home environment or alternative care arrangements.


The property is a detached 2-storey dwelling house located in the borough of Kingston upon Thames. The house boasts of a total of 6 spacious bedrooms and a sizable reception room that opens up to an open-plan kitchen. On the ground floor there is also a laundry room located on the front side of the property, a play room ,a quiet reflection area, bathroom, and a separate WC. On the first floor, there are five spacious bedrooms, two shower rooms, and two toilets. To the front of the house, there is parking available for at least two vehicles on the drive and the house grounds include a recreational area for the families. It is crucial for a fair and effective assessment that the families feel relaxed and comfortable during their stay.

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Local Amenities


Each referral is meticulously evaluated to accommodate families currently undergoing their assessments. Our comprehensive matching process is designed to optimise the chances of success for all families.

Our assessments encompass parents with various multiple and complex needs, including:

We assess each referral on its individual merits and retain the prerogative to decline an assessment if deemed necessary.

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